Sun Kissed Kaleidoscope

Posted on October 23, 2017

My mom has been coloring her hair since the 90s and it mostly has been in the same a range of red. She’s kept it that way ever since, with about the same style and cut. Recently, she contacted me because she wanted to get some dimension, to try highlights and lowlights. I wanted to give her a more youthful, warm look since she’s been growing out her hair, as well as a fitting haircut to go with it. We looked over some photos to see which direction she wanted to go. We decided on some highlights and some lowlights in a beautiful Auburn/ Amber range.

She wanted to make sure it looked natural, but was also easy to maintain. To accomplish this, we did different levels of bleaching and then added the color back to it. I wanted to make sure that even if I wasn’t available to do her retouches she wouldn’t have to worry about matching the color once her hair grew out.

Our journey involved this beautiful Kaleidoscope of warm red tones as well as some golden orange tones. It made it all blend well together. She’s telling me she’s gotten a lot of compliments on it. Nothing makes me more satisfied then to see my clients happy and able to replicate that beautiful hairstyle on their own everyday. Like a living work of art that you helped to create.

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